Agence de l'Eau du Mouhoun (AEM)

The Mouhoun and Banifing watershed occupies 35% of the national territory or an area of 96 096 km2. It harbors more than half of Burkina Faso’s water resources and has great agricultural and industrial potential. It owes its name to the Mouhoun River which crosses the country from north to south before sending itself to sea from Ghana. This perennial river constitutes a natural barrier against the advance of the desert and contributes considerably to tempering the climatic imbalance of the basin which includes the Sahelian, Sudanian and Sudano-Sahelian climates. This long and quiet river is renowned for the relative wealth of its banks.

Since the end of the drought of the 1970s, this national jewel has been subjected to multifaceted pressures such as the rapprochement of fields and bank degradation, destruction of vegetation cover, silting of its bed, destruction of aquatic habitats and pollution of its waters by the fact of gold panning. Associated with the effects of climate change, these multiple ills cause the depletion of water resources and pose the inescapable question of its protection and safeguarding.

The alert was given at a time when the concept of sustainable development advocates the need for integrated water resources management at both the international and national levels. The adoption of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) policy by Burkina Faso is an excellent means of effectively managing the water resources problem of the country and particularly within the basin Of the Mouhoun. IWRM requires a participatory and concerted management of water resources at the national level and it is for this purpose that the Water Agencies have been created.

Created on 23 January 2010 in the form of a Public Interest Grouping (GIP), the Mouhoun Water Agency (AEM) is responsible for protecting and rationally managing water resources in consultation with the whole Of the stakeholders of the basin following the orientations of the Master Plan for Water Management and Management (SDAGE) of the Mouhoun Watershed. To this end, it has a website referenced,  which is an open portal and a platform for exchanges between actors wishing to contribute to the conservation and protection of water resources.

Welcome to the website of the Mouhoun Water Agency which will allow you to download thematic maps and to have information on the authority and bodies of the Mouhoun Water Agency. This site also has a database and an audio library. Better still, this site will provide you with information on the activities carried out by the Mouhoun Water Agency in real time.

Actors and users of water in the Mouhoun basin together mobilize for the protection and preservation of our water resources and ensure that the future of future generations is not compromised by the errors of a minority

The missions of the Mouhoun Water Agency are noble and sacred as the water that is indispensable to our survival and we must determine for their full realization in the watershed of the Mouhoun.